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Wingate Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

During the week of September 15th, Ms. Wortham’s fourth grade class celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. This supported their social studies standards of celebrating cultures around the world, as well as their reading standards of researching. Throughout the week, students participated in many events. To culminate the week, students participated in a fiesta. The class invited parents, administration, other teachers, and another fourth grade class to participate. During the Fiesta, participants rotated through stations. These stations included food and history, salsa dancing, art and history, creating a Mayan mask, and a tour guide station. In order to prepare for the Fiesta, students researched their stations. Students used what they had learned to teach other people about the Hispanic Culture for Hispanic Heritage Month. Ms. Wortham stated, “I feel that they got more out of this celebration because of the information that they were learning from me and learning from their research.” Overall this event was a huge success! Way to go Wildcats!!


Written by: Jessica Fenyves
Posted: Nov 03, 2014 by Jessica Fenyves

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