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Third Graders show great "Character Traits" Themselves!

Ty shows off his "super" character project!

 Students in Mrs. Pinello's Class showed positive Character Traits of their own this week as they worked on Character Traits for their 3rd grade character book projects. The assignment was to not only identify character traits, but show evidence of that trait and use the page number of where it was found in the book that they chose. The students used creative ways to complete, display and decorate their projects, and presented them to the class while dressed up in character, if they wished to do so!

Mrs. Pinello was enamored by the character traits that they showed while working on, completing and presenting their projects.

Lacey C. was "cheerful" as she worked with a smile and "cooperative" by being receptive to advice from Mrs. Pinello and her peers.

Dempsey W. was "responsible" as he re-wrote his project independently and "respectful" to his peers who attempted to assist him in printing photos.

Ty C. was "responsible" as he took initiative by reading and writing up his project with little or no assistance and showed how "mature" he was by having all of his materials ready- and even helping others!

Mrs. Pinello is proud of ALL of her students' positive character traits each and every day!!!!!!!

Written by: Vanessa Pinello, grades 3-5 Resource
Posted: Nov 04, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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