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Miss Dembny: an Exchange Student from Germany

Miss Dembny
Miss Dembny is from Bremen, Germany. She goes to Wingate College. She lives on campus. Miss Dembny came here because she was going to college here. She can teach grades 1-6. She can teach German all the way up to 12th grade. She started as a student teacher at Indian Trail. She was learning from Mrs. Keilen, a fifth grade teacher in 2013. Mrs. Keilen says she was a lot of help and would love to have her back. All of Miss Dembny’s family live in Germany. She is the only one in the United States. Miss Dembny was on her school swim team. She was a really good swimmer, too. Her school only got first place once in the national championship. The rest of the times they got second place.

Germany’s schools are year-round. Some of the United States schools are year-round, but most are not. Boys and girls can go to school equally. 8% of the German kids go to private schools, while in the United States 11% do. More parents of the German kids are thinking about sending their kids to private schools, so that 8% might go up some. All of the kids must complete 9 years of school, no matter what school they go to. In Germany, kindergarten is optional. Starting in first grade, the kids must learn how to speak French because Germany is close to France. After fourth grade the kids are separated into 3 schools, depending on their academic abilities. Those 3 schools are Hauptschule, Realschule, and Gymnasium. The older schools had swim teams and other sport teams, like we do in the United States. In Germany, they also have a 13th year of school before college.







In Germany the climate there is colder than here in the U.S. In Germany the winters have lots of snow and in some winters they only have some snow. Still, in winters it is very cold. In summers it is a bit colder than in here in the U.S and also, their summers are only six weeks long while ours are three months long. That is a big difference!



In Germany, were Miss Dembny is from, There are lots of grasslands and forests. There are lots of trees, especially evergreen trees. There are also some mountainous regions.

Written by: Lydia Crawford and Marco Almeida, 5th grade students
Posted: Nov 05, 2014 by Jessica Cosma

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