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Mrs. Petoskey's Poets

From left to right: Joanna Burns, Anthony Tishchenko, and Anya Vandermolen fourth grade AIG students pose with their fall poems.

As fall leaves begin to change color, students start to focus their attention on fall celebrations across the county. Many traditions of fall include pumpkin or apple picking as local families begin to think of Thanksgiving and spending time with their families.

Sun Valley Elementary’s AIG teacher Sally Petoskey empowers her students during this time of year with both music and verse. As you enter her classroom, you can hear fall music being played and see students working on elaboration and rhyming words as they create original fall poems.

AIG Teacher Sally Petoskey said, “Each season the students do seasonal poems, so they can show parts of speech and elaboration through phrases. They can use symbolism as well. They enjoy doing it.”

When asked if they combine this with any literary work, Petoskey said, “Yes, we’ll use different poetry that comes through William & Mary and Jacob’s Ladder (AIG literary work).”

As you enter Sally Petoskey’s classroom, you can hear “pumpkin patch” music being played and students are quietly engaged. Petoskey calls out, “What does the raven say?” Students reply, “Nevermore!”

Fourth grade student Joanna Burns said, “We wrote about things that we liked most about fall mostly. We made them rhyme and did stanzas.”

When asked what she wrote, Burns said, “It was about the laughing sounds the leaves make. It was based on our five senses and the way things sound. The name of my poem is Autumn.”

When asked about “My Fall Poem,” fourth grade student Georgia Bejian said, “I talked a lot of what you think about when you think about fall and a lot of things we did last fall like when we (my family) went apple picking and foods we ate like pumpkin pie.”

When asked if she had any favorite poems, Bejian said, “I like all the Runny Babbit poems by Shel Silverstein.”

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Nov 05, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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