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East Union students hear Martin Luther's case in the Diet of Worms

"Lawyers" listen intently during the trial

East Union 7th graders have been studying the Protestant Reformation in their social studies classes for the last two weeks. At the end of the unit, students were  asked to assume the roles of lawyers and witnesses for Martin Luther’s trial in the Diet of Worms, a crucial point in restructure of European religions.

Students had to provide vital research for their roles in order to participate in mock trial where they had to prove Luther was either guilty or innocent for his crimes against the Catholic Church. One7th grader, Jasmine, said, “The trial was awesome. I had fun being a lawyer and trying to prove that he was guilty.” Another student, Anthony, said that “It was fun. I wish every class could be like this.”  

Written by: Leonardo Francisco, 7th grade social studies teacher
Posted: Nov 05, 2014 by Susie Jones

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