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Reliving the Civil War

The children were led to the reenactment site where they were reminded about the causes of the Civil War and what both sides were fighting for. They were able to look at real pieces of artifacts used by Civil War soldiers and were shown how a soldier would prepare himself and his equipment for battle. Children watched as flint was used to make fire. During the demonstration, the students jumped out of their seats as a Civil War rifle was fired into the trees! Before long it was time for each child to put on their Union or Confederate soldier hats and learn how to shoot their weapons! It was a great day enjoyed by all of 5th Grade as they experienced this historical event.

Here are a few remarks from our students about their day:

“I liked when the man taught us about what the musket does and he shot the real one- I loved the loud bang!”
Lars Moats.

“I liked when the man played us the music because it sounded so beautiful and it made me realize how artistic the people were even when they were fighting in a war!”
Amelia Napoli

“The best bit was when we were given our hats and trained how to shoot from muskets- it made me feel like a real soldier!!”
Omar Shalati


Written by: Maria Bomfim
Posted: Nov 06, 2014 by Maria Bomfim

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