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Long Ago Museum

Have you ever wondered how life was long ago? Well, the first graders spent several weeks learning about life in the past and how things have changed today.

We read stories to learn how school was different in the past. Many schools were just one room; sometimes students even had to take care of the fire to keep their school warm.

Transportation has become a lot faster over the years. In the past people used to travel in a wagon or on horseback. Now we can use cars and planes.

Houses have changed as well. Now we have electricity and no longer need a fire to cook or keep the house warm.

As part of this unit, we created a “Long Ago Museum.” The first graders brought in items that their parents and grandparents used in the past.

We got to explore all these items, such as cassette tapes, old cameras, an iron, family photos, a typewriters, old toys, and tools. Sometimes it was tricky to figure out what each item was.

Many items were made from metal or wood. The iron, tools, and typewriter were all used without electricity. It was really neat to see how items have changed over the years.

We will be visiting the Museum of the Waxhaws to learn how life in Waxhaw has changed.

Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who shared their artifacts and stories with the “Long Ago Museum.”

long ago museum


long ago museum




Written by: Miriam Keller, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 07, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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