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Counselor Connection with Character

During the week of November 3, 7th Grade Language Arts classes took part in a Counselor Connection lesson about character. Seventh grade counselor, Ms. Kerri Mosley, rotated through all 7th grade Language Arts classes integrating a fun-filled lesson about character education. Students learned about a variety of positive characteristics to describe themselves. The character lesson started with two short videos.

The first video was from the “Band Together to Banish Bullying” campaign song “I’m Good.” Students listened to the lyrics that include: “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good; Livin’ life just like I should; Wouldn’t change it if I could; I’m good, I’m good, I’m good!” The second video was Gary Go’s “I Am Wonderful.” This song and campaign started in England several years ago to help people see the positives in their lives.

Afterwards, a list of positive qualities and characteristics was compiled by the classes. Students used that list to complete a character puzzle. In the center, students wrote their names. Then, they filled the remaining ten puzzle pieces with positive characteristics and attributes. Around the outside border, students wrote the names of the people who love, encourage, and inspire them to be all of those wonderful things. Throughout this lesson, students focused on the positives in their lives.

As a Language Arts curriculum connection, students will create a new puzzle based on the character traits of a book character. They will list characteristics in the puzzle pieces and names of other characters who love, encourage, and support that character.

The 7th grade Language Arts department would like to thank Ms. Mosley for her time, effort, and commitment to our students in teaching this lesson! You are Wonderful!

Written by: Lesa Goodman
Posted: Nov 07, 2014 by Karen Barbee

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