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Students explore alternative energy sources

Students in Ms. Dilsworth's Physical Science had to imagine a day when all sources of energy in the world are gone. No coal, no fuel, no power. 

How could we exist in a world with no TV, no computer, and no refrigerated food? Our lives would be affected in every possible way. 

The students then were asked how many people in Africa do not have electricity right now. After some research students found that in 2011 roughly 600 million people in Africa were living without access to electricity.  That number is nearly twice the population of the United States.  That number represented 43 % of the 1.4 billion people worldwide who lacked regular access to electricity. 

Questions were posed to the students about how people could survive without electricity and what could be done to help. The students then had to choose a renewable/alternative source of energy to research and present to the class. The students could choose water, wind, or solar energy as alternative energy sources. 

Students had to discuss how this is a local, regional, and global concern. Marissa Costello said, "This a global problem that has many solutions.  If we really want to solve this problem, then we need to find and stick to a solution." Her group researched solar power and realized that is a clean, efficient method but costly to set up and maintain.

After presenting their projects, the students were more aware of the energy situation around the world. Hope Howie and Brenna Berger even suggested that we do a day without energy or running water to feel how others live on a day to day basis without electricity.   

Written by: Kristy Dilsworth, Science Teacher
Posted: Nov 07, 2014 by Anna Waldrup

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