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Students Promote Anti-bullying Week

For the first time at Sun Valley High School, students ran the anti-bullying week activities during the week of October 20-24. After reading The Crucible, which focused on the Salem Witch Trials, students decided to apply the message of the play to their world. Standing up to injustice was one of the themes we focused on and with anti-bullying week in October, students found a perfect time to put into practice the theme of the play through project-based learning.

Divided into groups, each team had a task to perform for that week. Using the Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center's guidelines, students planned and executed different activities during lunch. To launch anti-bullying week, a group designed "No Bullies in the Valley" T-Shirts and while another group promoted them through a public service announcement video shown to the school. In addition, we joined the nation in celebrating Unity Day on October 22 by encouraging staff and students to wear orange. Also, another group created a banner for students to sign as a pledge to prevent bullying. Lastly, one group had students write unique characteristics about themselves on strips of poster paper, then formed them into chain links, which we displayed by the front office. Our class also joined with the Diversity Club and YCI in promoting anti-bullying efforts through the giving away of bookmarks and wristbands.

This was truly a memorable event in many ways. Students rose to the challenge, took ownership of an issue near and dear to their hearts, and helped combat a very serious issue in schools today. Project-based learning effectively helps students see the connection between what they are learning and what's going on in the world. Students were excited and engaged about making a difference in their world. Next year we hope to take this to the next level and continue to combat bullying.


Written by: Mary Lou Baker, English teacher
Posted: Nov 07, 2014 by Carrie Mabry

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