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Tracking the Weather at Shiloh!

Students record their weather data.

Shiloh students (5th grade, kindergarten, and 2nd grade) recently started a new program called BOW! (Bulldogs Observing Weather). The students record the daily humidity, air pressure, wind direction, temperature, rain collection, wind speed, sky condition, and the season. Each grade level has specific ones to focus on depending on what they study. Two 5th graders pick up two kindergarten students daily and meet up with two second graders in the science room. They have a weather station monitor that they gather the information from. Once they are done with that part, they go to the lobby and record the information on the whiteboard around 11:30 am. Also, on the morning intercom announcements 5th graders get selected to be the Morning Meteorologist (Weather Dog) ! The students enter blue tickets that they earned by being good into the raffle to be chosen for this important job. They always end their script by saying “Your weather report was brought to you by WPAW.” Shiloh is really proud of this new program we started!

Written by: Grace Hojnowski and Sara Marossy, 5th grade students
Posted: Nov 09, 2014 by Mark Greene

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