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Aww Shucks!

 Kindergarten had their first field trip to Aww Shucks Farm on Friday 11/7. We've been learning about all the season of fall and we were able to experience lots of signs of fall while we were at the farm! All the students got to see and explore an old railroad car and a general store. We also learned all about what the corn grown at the farm can be used for. We learned that corn can be found in lots of different things - including crayons and even diapers!

Some of our other favorite activities from the day including enjoying a Hay Ride through the woods, navigating through a corn maze and of course seeing the animals that live at the farm. We got a chance to feed the goats and the sheep some lunch before enjoying a picnic lunch ourselves.

We ended the day with the "giant slide" and I think the students put it best when they simply said, "This was the best day we've ever had in kindergarten!"

Written by: Danielle Kiradjieff, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Nov 11, 2014 by Marni Menkin

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