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Weather Matters

The second grade students in Ms. Kane’s class have spent the last several weeks learning about all things weather. Students have explored the tools meteorologists use to observe and predict the weather, types of cloud cover, and the different types of precipitation.

Meteorologists use many different tools when determining the daily and weekly forecast. Students have learned that an anemometer is a tool used to tell wind speed and a wind vane shows wind direction.

The class watched a video on anemometers and then created a class version using straws, plastic cups and a solid block of wood. Each day, students would go outside and watch the anemometer to decide the wind speed for the day which they would then record on their weekly chart.

We also learned that meteorologists use thermometers to tell the temperature. Students each made their own thermometer and were able to move the paper “mercury” section up and down to display the daily temperature.

After learning about the tools meteorologists use, students began learning about different types of clouds. They focused on cumulus, stratus, and cirrus clouds and created a cloud book using cotton balls to show the difference between each cloud type as well as the kind of weather they usually bring.

Once students learned about the different types of clouds, they began to learn about four main types of precipitation; hail, snow, sleet, and rain. After talking about the difference between each form of precipitation and the type of cloud it comes from, students made a flip book labeling the forms of precipitation, describing how each is formed, and then creating a picture of each type.

Ask your child to be your meteorologist for the day and see just how much they can tell you about the weather!


2nd grade at work


2nd grade

Written by: Avery Kane, Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 12, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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