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Banerji Speaks to International Club

CHS junior Ashley Gall models an outfit from India shared by guest speaker Ms. Subhadra Banerji at an International Club meeting.

The CHS International Club was excited to receive a special guest speaker on October 21, 2014. Ms. Subhadra Banerji came to speak about her experiences living in India! She taught the students a lot about India's rich cultural heritage. Ms. Banerji shared that India is very diverse with each region being unique for its own language, customs, and traditions. She explained that unlike America when you travel from state to state and speak the same language, languages spoken among Indian states are completely different. Ms. Banerji is from Kolkata and speaks Hindi, Bengali, and of course English. She grew up in India and taught there. She moved to the Charlotte area with her family about 5 years ago and currently teaches 4th grade at New Town Elementary School.

Ms. Banerji shared many interesting things with the club members. She taught them how to say hello: "Namaste.” She also explained that the mixture used for Henna tattooing is made with a plant that grows by rivers and oceans in India. She said the food in India is very spicy and American restaurants tone it down a lot. She brought articles of clothing from India and some artifacts from Diwali - the Festival of Lights, which is an ancient Hindu festival.

Ms. Thompson and Ms. Lee, CHS International Club advisers, were thrilled to have a guest speaker share about India. This is the first time the club has been fortunate to have a speaker from India. Ms. Thompson was especially surprised by the large number of languages spoken in India. Ms. Banerji said that in India it is a status symbol to know several languages.

CHS junior Ashley Gall (pictured above with Ms. Banerji) was very excited to try on the clothing from India. She commented on the excellent quality of the fabric and the beautiful designs. The International Club would like to thank Ms. Banerji for her interesting and informative visit! 

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Nov 12, 2014 by Paula White

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