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These Teachers Have Made a SPLASH at Antioch!

Maestras Sehuanes and Herrera read to their Kindergarten students!

Antioch Elementary is so fortunate to have two wonderful SPLASH teachers. Andrea Herrera and Vanessa Sehuanes are our Spanish Immersion Kindergarten teachers through the VIF Program. The Visiting International Faculty program helped Ms. Herrera and Ms. Sehuanes come to Union County to teach.

Both teachers have prior experience teaching in bilingual schools in Colombia, South America. They were excited to get the opportunity to come here to teach.

Ms. Herrera loves it here in North Carolina! She did not have much culture shock because she loved listening to music and watching TV shows from America before she moved to the U.S. In addition, she taught at Shiloh Elementary last year.

Ms. Sehuanes is amazed with the ease of travel here. Back in Colombia there are few major highways and the roads are not as good. So with our highways and roads traveling is less complicated and more exciting.

Both SPLASH teachers like the idea of teaching kids at their individual level. In Colombia all students are taught the same thing in whole-class instruction. The curriculum is not flexible so differentiation in instruction is challenging.

Ms. Herrera and Ms. Sehuanes like that there is not as much paperwork here. There are many more grades given in Colombia. Another thing they love about our schools is the importance of books!!! They have found that reading books is a cultural trend in America. In Colombia the access to books in English is more difficult because books are very expensive. So in schools in Colombia the children read more traditional books and textbooks rather than the varied, leveled texts used in American schools.  Ms. Herrera says that American students, "eat books, they read so much!"

If you haven’t seen the SPLASH program in action, you need to! And if you pass the class in the hallway and say “Hola,” they will respond to you in Spanish without hesitation because their entire school day is immersed in Spanish- thanks to two wonderful VIF teachers, Andrea Herrera and Vanessa Sehuanes.

Written by: Lynn Mode, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Nov 12, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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