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Magic Show and Fall Festival

In celebration of an outstanding fundraiser, Prospect’s PTO held a great fall festival preceded by an extraordinary magic show in the gym. The students at Prospect raised $10,000 and the top selling class was Ms. Coggins’ class! The money raised will be utilized at Prospect to help the teachers and students excel.

The magician, Jeff Jones, performed many tricks for the student’s during the morning assembly. He had students and teachers wondering “how did he do that?!?” throughout his whole performance. At the end of the day students were still trying to figure out how he made a bowling ball drop out of a drawing book and a rose appear from a flame.

After the show, the magician gave top sellers got a wand, a pen and a handkerchief to do their very own magic.

Classroom teachers got a break to go to meetings and work on paperwork while their students were paired up with another class and led from station to station with PTO volunteers.

The favorite stations of the day were necklace making, face painting, board games in the cafeteria, a popcorn eating station and the icee station. Overall, it was a great time for everyone!

Written by: Megan Hill and Krista Williamson
Posted: Nov 13, 2014 by Megan Hill

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