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Global Connections: England

 My name is Eva M. and I interviewed Jennifer Sewell on Thursday, November 6. She is a VIF teacher at Kensington and she teaches kindergarten. She is from England and she loves Kensington she said “I love how nice and helpful the teachers are and the kids are very sweet”.

Jennifer speaks English and a little bit of French. She said that in England her school was smaller but there was more kids per class, for example in England she had thirty kids in her class but now she only has eighteen kids.

Mrs.Sewell has no kids and her family is still in England. Mrs.Sewell taught in England for three years before coming to North Carolina. She said that in England the kids are required to wear uniforms, the teachers don’t sit with the kids at lunch, and school starts later. She also said that there are no specials teachers, instead the teachers taught everything.

What Mrs.Sewell mainly likes about North Carolina is the weather, the mall, and the parks. Mrs.Sewell loves London and she thinks it’s very fun, she also said that there are lot’s of cool museums in England. She said that there are three languages spoken in England, the main one is English but some kids also speak Polish or Urdu. Mrs.Sewell has a younger sister and her childhood was full of traveling, she visited castles, museums, etc. She said the weather was mostly cold and rainy, but it sometimes got sunny. Mrs.Sewell participates in all the holidays that Americans participate in except for Thanksgiving.

Mrs.Sewell’s purpose at Kensington is to learn about the curriculum, learn about our culture, and share her culture. She said the curriculum is very different from England, in England the math is the same, there is no readers or writers workshop, instead of Social Studies there is History, the teachers are required to teach all of the religions, and kids start Kindergarten at age four. I hope you learned a lot about England.

Written by: Eva M.
Posted: Nov 13, 2014 by Rebecca Taylor

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