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Third Graders Get a History Lesson!

Mr. Walters, left speaking to third grade students. Mr. Walters is a former principal at Marshville Elementary. He was principal for over 30 years! Thank you Mr. Walters.

On Monday and Tuesday, October 20th and 21st, the third graders at Marshville Elementary School visited the Marshville Museum and Cultural Center.

The students went with a topic to study and to learn more about it. They learned about the histories of fashion, school, war, home, family life, and industry in Marshville over time.


The students were responsible for gathering information, taking notes, and presenting their information to the class through various projects. They enjoyed learning and becoming experts on their topics and teaching others about the history of Marshville.

The following people shared the histories of the various topics:
Donna VanSant – Spinning
Jack Clay – Military
David Rushing – Poultry
Ed Jones – Industry/Cotton
Bill Walters – School/Train
Elizabeth Walters – Fashion
Sarah Horne – Home Life
Ruby Stegall – Cabin Life

Written by: Emily Russell, Third Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 14, 2014 by Jarrod Stegall

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