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Global Connections: China

Ms. Qianchen is one of our school’s Mandarin kindergarten teachers. She is from China and said it was hard to learn English but she can speak some now. She taught in China for about 3 years, and has been here for only a few months so she is very used to the children in China. Qianchen says she has already noticed the kids here are more active and less shy than her students back home. Qianchen came to America by her herself and she misses many things such as her family, her co workers, and her students. She also misses festivals like the Dragon Festivals, the Spring Festivals, and the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese holiday. It marks the start of the new year, beginning on the second new moon after the winter solstice and ending on the full moon fifteen days later. It is a time for visits between family and friends, special meals, fireworks, and gift giving.

In America, our New Years Day is always January 1st, but in China it changes every year depending on the animal of the year. This coming New Year is on February 19, it will be the year of the sheep. Even though Ms. Qianchen misses many things she plans to be here for several years. Ms. Qianchen will be teaching this same group of kids from kindergarten to 5th grade! Though Ms. Qianchen is teaching her language to children here in America, she says her purpose for coming to our school is to learn things about America so she can teach back home in China.

Written by: Lily H.
Posted: Nov 17, 2014 by Rebecca Taylor

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