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NC Zoo trip!

On November, 13, 2014 the 4th graders of Kensington went on a field trip to the NC ZOO. We got off the bus and headed towards the Cypress Swamp where we got to see lots of alligators and turtles. Then we went to go see the gorillas which was one of my favorites! The gorillas actually had babies and they were super cute. They played piggy-back which was really funny. It was like seeing a gorillas personal lifestyle. I also got to see the polar bear which was my top favorite because he was playing with his ball and he was jumping up and down in the water. It was so funny I could stay there all day if I was allowed. One thing I loved about my trip was my chaperone Mrs.Sinople. I also had a lot of friends in my group. There is much more good things at the zoo to see but I did not see them with the short period of time I had. One thing I was concerned about was that some of the animals were all lonely and had no other animals near them in that big large space. I really do recommend the zoo because I think it is a great,fun learning experience.
To learn more go to... www.nczoo.org

Written by: Logan Sellers, grade 4 student
Posted: Nov 17, 2014 by Rachel Clarke

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