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First Graders Learn About Remembrance Day!

Our first graders learned that Remembrance Day (also "Poppy Day") was established to remember members of the Armed Forces who died since the end of the first World War. The poppy because the symbol due to a poem called "In Flanders Fields" as they bloomed across some of the worst battlefields during World War I. The students had an opportunity to learn about this day via a "virtual field trip " to London to watch the Remembrance Day ceremony.

From Olivia S.:
"Here, Hayes planted the lost one for his great-grandfather. It is important to remember how the army helps us. Plant a flower."

From Josiah W.:
"It is important to remember to help others and to help my commiunity and to remember the people who died in the wars. The soldiers were risking their leaves to keep us alive so we can be hearlthy and we need to remember that 888,246 people died in a war. A little 13 year old boy named Harry Hayes planted the last poppy. The poppy flowers were ceramic. The queen planted a poppy flower" 

Written by: Rachel Clarke
Posted: Nov 17, 2014 by Rachel Clarke

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