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Freshmen Clean up Local Creek

Freshmen student council members work to clean up Bearskin Creek in Monroe.

Freshmen student council members braved the cold on Saturday, Nov. 15th to clean up Bearskin Creek in downtown Monroe. Student council members are required to complete one service project per year. Approximately half the freshmen chose to support stream clean-up efforts with the city.

They were treated with hot cocoa and donuts to get them started. Many students adorned waders and walked through the water picking up trash and debris. “The weirdest things we took out of the water,” Trace Martin commented, “were a bicycle, tires, and an old radio.”

After the students climbed the creek banks, and waded through the water collecting trash, they were given the opportunity to test the water quality. They tested temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Students will be analyzing the data and recording it on the World Water Monitoring educational site.

The City of Monroe awarded these students a Certificate of Participation for demonstration of responsible stewardship of water resources.  

Written by: Kortney Kopchick, Freshmen Class Advisor
Posted: Nov 17, 2014 by Deb Christensen

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