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Three UCPS schools help in attempts to break world record

Students at New Town Elementary work to set a new Guinness World Record for cup stacking as part of Guinness World Records Day. The year’s goal for cup stacking was 600,000 students around the world.

Three Union County Public Schools were among the nearly 3,000 schools in about 35 countries who attempted to break the world record for most people sport stacking in multiple locations in one day.

The number to beat this year was 555,932 stackers, the amount who participated in Stack Up day last year and the 2014 goal was 600,000 stackers. As of Friday afternoon, more than 460,000 participants had been verified, but the organization was waiting to hear from schools around the world.

New Town Elementary, Rock Rest Elementary and Union Elementary participated in the event this year.

Melanie Honeycutt, a physical education teacher at New Town Elementary, said it was their first year participating in the event. She had heard about it from other people and decided to do it with the kids at New Town. On Thursday morning, 286 students from kindergarten through fifth grade did relay races and stacked cups.

Honeycutt said the students picked it up quickly and she plans to work it into the curriculum in the future.

Research has shown that cup stacking can increase a student’s reaction time, hand-eye coordination, focus and more. Honeycutt hopes to teach the students more patterns to use next year.

During the competition, the students were shown how many other children from around the world were participating, including students in Hungary, New Zealand, Australia and across the United States.

“They were amazed because they didn’t realize how many schools from all the different countries (were participating),” Honeycutt said.

In addition to participating next year, Honeycutt hopes to gauge interest and form a team to compete during the year. Cup stacking, or speed stacking is governed by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) and is a sport in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

The event is sponsored by the WSSA and has grown since 2006, when about 81,000 people participated in the day.

Sport stacking is where participants take plastic cups (Speed Stack cups are the standard) and stack them in a particular sequence, typically pyramids, as quickly as possible. It started in the 1980s and increased popularity in the 1990s when featured on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Written by: Carolyn Steeves, The Enquirer Journal education reporter
Posted: Nov 18, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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