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Patriotic Art

Jake Dudley's painting "Star Spangled Burger" earned an honorable mention in an art competition.

Two Marvin Ridge Middle School students were recently awarded prizes in the Carolinas Freedom Foundation's annual Patriotic Art competition. Maddy Stratton’s watercolor painting “Patriotism Is..”  tied for first place and Jake Dudley's “Star Spangled Burger” earned an honorable mention in the middle school division.  Their work is now on display in public venues in the area and Maddy Stratton was invited to ride in the annual Veteran’s Day Parade.

Heidi Cabatit, the MRMS Art teacher who entered the student work in the competition said, “This project is a great way to spark a discussion about patriotism.  Students had to do research and explore their concepts of patriotism to create their piece of artwork using symbols meaningful to them.” Maddy’s painting depicting a soldier saluting the Statue of Liberty is filled with national symbols of patriotism while Jake’s red, white and blue hamburger depicts a more modern view of nationalism. Both pieces of art reveal what students hold dear and their creative responses to the prompt.

Written by: Brita Mann
Posted: Nov 18, 2014 by Brita Mann

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