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BizEd at UCEC

The 3rd Annual BizEd event was hosted at UCEC for the first time on Tuesday, November 18. Mrs. Joyner’s Career Management classes coordinated this event at our school, even though the Union County Education Foundation is the main sponsor. Local business leaders participate in order to educate students about their professions and career paths, with a Q & A session as well. The following speakers attended this year’s event at UCEC; Angelia James, Kay Gergel, Jeff Baucom, Michael Alverez, NeTonya Bauldwin, and Stephen Goodwin. Allowing our students to hear from a lawyer, mayor, accountant, financial representatives, and corporate leaders.This event also extends to a second day on Thursday, November 20.

The Union County Education Foundation is a community-based organization that focuses on providing funds, in the form of Mini-Grants, for various projects to Union County Public Schools. They are solely dedicated to children’s education. The organization celebrates Public Education week by raising funds for these Mini-Grants. UCEC would like to thank the Union County Education Foundation for giving us the opportunity to host and expose our students to various career fields.

Written by: Mindy Tran and Jenny Tran
Posted: Nov 20, 2014 by Mandy Bell

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