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Gators Giving Back!

Saturday, November 8th was Community Service Day at Antioch Elementary. This was sponsored by the PTO, and was a way to get the community to help others. This year the Food For Families organization was helped. They pack food bags for 335 students in four Union County Schools a week - including Antioch. They provide a breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the bags. In America, one out of every four students are hungry, so Food For Families wants to change that statistic!

Each grade level donated a different item from the food bags. Volunteers could sort the food, pack the food, and even help deliver the food.

"We packed 201 food bags that will help 201 families this week. It touched my heart so much to see Antioch help hungry kids in a huge way!" said Renee Rogers.

Antioch families can bring in boxed grits or oatmeal anytime to help, and have a pack night for Antioch families on the first Tuesday of every month with Food For Families. If you would like to help this organization in any way please contact Renee Rogers at renee.rogers@ucps.k12.nc.us.

Written by: Renee Rogers, Fourth Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 20, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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