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PreK Adds to Their Timeline

Timelines are used to show events chronologically over the passage of time. Union Pre-K added memorable events the students all experienced to their class timeline. Four year old students notice a small power outage. We added this to our timeline since everyone clearly would remember “the day the power went out.” That day we read “Goodnight Gorilla.” One of the pages has nothing but a pair of eyeballs. We posed for a picture surrounding the page from the book and that began our timeline. We recently had our first birthday celebrated in our class. Everyone sang the student Happy Birthday that morning and again at lunch. Everyone will remember “the day they celebrated that students birthday” eating cupcakes, so we added that event to our timeline. Ms. Ross looks forward to adding more memorable events to her timeline.

Written by: MaryAnne Ross, PreK Teacher
Posted: Nov 20, 2014 by Jennifer Williams

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