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Fifth Grade Leadership Notebooks

 All fifth graders have been working on Leadership Notebooks. We have finished a very large chunk of work in them. If you don’t know what leadership notebooks are, they are notebooks you keep all your work and victories in. These notebooks connect to the Leader in Me program, which is a program to help you become a better citizen. In these notebooks, you track how well you’re doing and set goals for yourself. Imagine if you received a low grade and you want to set a goal, just take out a piece of paper, and write! These notebooks are helping kids learn lessons and learn how to set goals for themselves. In this notebook, you will learn about the Seven Habits of Happy Kids.
These are seven habits you can follow:
# 1 Be proactive
# 2 Begin with the end in mind
# 3 Put first things first
# 4 Think win-win
# 5 Seek first to be understand, then to be understood
# 6 Synergize
# 7 Sharpen the saw

Each of these habits help you along with any issues or concerns you have, and helps you to develop leadership skills.

Written by: Jessica Cosma
Posted: Nov 20, 2014 by Jessica Cosma

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