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Third Graders Get a Global Perspective

Miss Cameron shares English traditions with Sardis students.

Sardis is fortunate to have Alexa Cameron as our Visiting International Facilitator (VIF). Cameron is in her second year as a third grade teacher here at Sardis. She is originally from a village called Rothbury in the county of Northumberland. Northumberland is the English county that borders Scotland. Recently Miss Cameron gave a presentation to all third grade students about an English tradition called Guy Fawkes Day.

According to Cameron, “It came about because in 1605, a group of people plotted to kill King James I as he wouldn't allow Catholics to celebrate their own religion. On the 5th of November 1605 a special ceremony called The State Opening of Parliament would be held and King James and many politicians would be there. The group had dug a tunnel from a house they rented near parliament all the way to underneath the room the meeting would be held in. They hid 36 barrels of gunpowder there which a member named Guy Fawkes watched over. Unfortunately for him he got caught and put in the Tower of London where a confession was forced out of him. He was then executed. So, from that day we (the English) make a bonfire and display fireworks which represent what could have been! We also make a 'Guy' to sit on top of the bonfire to celebrate parliament and the throne! Pretty gruesome, huh?!”

Cameron says she remembers the event as more of fun time to be with friends and family to celebrate the cool, crisp season of fall. Cameron’s experiences bring a global connection to our school.

Written by: Blair Austin
Posted: Nov 21, 2014 by Blair Austin

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