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Our Cambodian Pen Pal

Mrs. Milutin’s class has a pen pal in Cambodia.

Mrs. Milutin’s class has a pen pal in Cambodia. Rachel Crabtree is a Peace Corps volunteer who teaches high school in Cambodia. So far, we have read her blog and emailed questions to her. We are beginning to learn a lot about this country. We would like to share some information.

Cambodia is in Asia near Thailand, Viet Nam, and Laos.

Cambodia has many different dishes. They have spiders, crickets, beetles, omelets, soup, fried tarantula legs, and rice. Sometimes Rachel will not eat the food because she says it is “mystery meat”. Some food we have in common. Rachel likes to drink coffee. Restaurants like we have in the U.S. are KFC and Burger King.

Cambodia’s climate is pretty hot because it is near the equator. It is around 75 degrees and higher. But, still, people wear long sleeves.

Some schools in Cambodia have a poor problem with electricity. That means no laptops, no ipads, no air conditioning, no smartboards, and no phones! The classrooms have big windows at the top to let in light and fresh air. It is common for kids to copy answers off of each other in school.

Cambodia has a lot of different buildings. Some are very old. So old they have huge trees growing around the temples. They have cemetery buildings that have skulls in them. The temples are to praise the people who died in the war.

Sports are popular in Cambodia. Some are badminton, futbol (which is soccer), and they play volleyball. Most kids use their imagination to play their own games because they don’t have toys. 

Written by: Vlad Murdasov, Joey Leimkuhler, and Brandon Roy -- Mrs. Milutin's 4th Grade Class
Posted: Nov 24, 2014 by Mark Greene

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