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WHS Students Visit Local Nonprofit Organization

 Mr. Lee’s Business and Finance Class went on a field trip to Union Diversified Industries. Union Diversified Industries is a nonprofit business located in Monroe, NC. UDI is actually the oldest nonprofit organization in Union County.


Upon entering the business we were greeted by Director Mike Young. We began a tour exploring how UDI incorporates work with developmental skills for adults with developmental disabilities.


UDI receives contracts from local business for assembly of certain parts. UDI then pays adults with developmental disabilities a wage to work and assemble these parts. 


Student Angel Rivera said, “This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. It makes them feel the same as everybody else in the world and teaches them to be independent.”


After going on the tour Mr. Young began to explain running UDI from a logistical standpoint. Mr. Young talked about the difficulty of running a nonprofit organization due to constant change in government regulation and policy.


Mr. Young also talked about how to be able to receive the funding provided by federal and state government he had to constantly make sure he was not violating any policies and keeping careful care of eye on new regulations. UDI is a nonprofit or a 501c3, meaning its purpose of establishment was not for profit rather fulfilling a need in the community.


UDI does a great job of incorporating a real world business structure to fit the needs of a non-business related issue. UDI is an essential part to its local community and this trip was a great learning experience for us.  We learned a lot about nonprofit businesses.

Written by: Wes Parnell, Student
Posted: Nov 24, 2014 by Judy Davis

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