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The 4th Grade learns history and geography of North Carolina through the Arts

Fourth grade student holding bracelet she made while learning about the history of the North Carolina Native American Indians.

The 4th grade students of Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts are learning about the geography and history of North Carolina through arts integrated programs, “The World in Our Backyard” and artists from Blumenthal Performing Arts.

During the first program, the students were engaged in a fun way to learn about the coastal plains through the use of photographs, artifacts, and costumes. The students became a part of the history by being dressed up and introduced as historical figures, beginning with the Native Americans, continuing to present day. They will take part in three more programs throughout the year, becoming important historical figures of the early piedmont, present day piedmont, and the mountain region.

Barbara Locklear, a Native American storyteller, gave the history of the North Carolina Native Americans and taught the children how to make Indian bracelets. Puppeteer, Lona Bartlett, recreated the story of the Lost Colony with the help of the children. The 4th grade students are learning a lot about North Carolina and are having fun while they learn.

Written by: Ms. Penny Carroll, BHESA 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 24, 2014 by Beth Lanzy

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