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The Return

Parkwood High School's three fabulous returning teachers from left to right: John Eddy, Jamal McGee and Kevin Funderburk.

How do those famous song lyrics go? Something to the effect of “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone?"  Well, at Parkwood High School, those words never rang truer than this year when three former Parkwood teachers made the big return after time away from the school. Despite all the recent changes surrounding the school, one of the additional benefits is being able to welcome back Physical Education teacher and basketball coach, Jamal McGee, English teacher, John Eddy, and History teacher, Kevin Funderburk.

After teaching at Weddington High School for four years, Mr. Funderburk jumped at the opportunity to be back in a place that was so familiar to him. “I graduated from Parkwood, so it’s like home to me.” he said. Along with Funderburk, Mr. Eddy also left in 2011, and has seen a few significant changes in the school’s use of technology since he returned. “I see a couple of new teachers, but [the]culture in general has changed. Now students are using laptops, and the way we communicate has changed. The last time I was here, students had flip phones,” said Eddy.

Sometimes when a teacher or student leaves a school, and then years later returns to that school, everything tends to be new again. However, for others, the whole experience becomes nostalgic. “Tradition is one thing I missed. I have a lot of history at Parkwood and it is home to me. I know a lot of the faculty and students and it’s a great feeling for them to know you as well,” stated Coach McGee. McGee is picking up where he left off, as coach of the varsity men's basketball team. While Coach McGee heads back to the court, Funderburk is going to take time off from coaching. “I am not coaching football this season. I want to focus on my family these next couple of years,” said Funderburk.

As each teacher tries to find his comfort zone, Mr. Eddy noted that he will take time to gauge if he made the right decision to come back. “I take it day by day. I am enjoying my time so far,” he said. The last question asked to all of the returning teachers was “Ultimately, how do you measure your success or level of impact at each school?” All three gave the same answer, emphasizing the impact they leave on their students. Parkwood is happy and thankful we have these three great teachers returning.

Written by: Lauren Brown, student reporter for the Parkwood Echo, edited by newspaper sponsor Chris Giudice
Posted: Nov 25, 2014 by Lisa Moniz

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