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Waxhaw second graders learn of the importance of Veteran's Day

Waxhaw Elementary second graders wrote kind letters and words of thanks to local veterans.

Mrs. Meagan Plyler's second grade class recently learned about the history and importance of Veteran's Day. Her class discussed what elementary school students could do to honor veterans. Their homework was to "thank a veteran" by phone call, e-mail, or in person. Mrs. Plyler's class also wrote letters to veterans thanking them for their service.
On Veteran's Day these letters were passed out to veterans at the Waxhaw Veteran's Day Service in downtown Waxhaw. Veterans were in awe of Waxhaw Elementary's students letters and their kind words.

Written by: Meagan Plyler, Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 25, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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