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First graders hear about life in Brazil

Mrs. Barbara shows the children a stuffed paranoia fish and explains how the indians of Brazil fish for them in the river.

Recently, the first graders in Mrs. Kelly Hamilton's class got a visit from Mrs. Barbara.  She is Benjamin Van Oosten's grandmother, and she came to their class to share her life story of living in Brazil as a missionary to the Indian tribes. She described how the Indians there live in huts (grass homes) and eat fire ants.  The kids listened as she explained that they take all their clothes off to gather the ants from the hills so they do not get in their clothes and bite them over and over.  Mrs Barbara shared that she would only eat the ants when their heads were snapped off and they were roasted.  Mrs Barbara brought a stuffed paranoia fish to show the kids that the Indians fish for these in the river.  The paranoia fish does not attack the indians as long as they do not have a sore or cut that causes the fish to smell blood (paranoia are attracted to blood and will eat the flesh off to the bone).  Mrs Barbara also told the kids several Indian folk tales.  Mrs. Barbara told the kids that Benjamin was born in Brazil.  We enjoyed her visit and are excited about all the things we learned from her!

Written by: Kelly Hamilton, First Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 25, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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