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Hugo’s Reading Revolution Comes to Prospect

The Charlotte Hornets and Lowe’s Book Bus came to Prospect to promote Hugo’s Reading Revolution.

Music played loudly as students walked into the gym and settled in for a presentation from the Charlotte Hornets mascot Hugo and the program’s emcee Justin Case.

Justin began the program with a video on history of Hornets. It’s a well-known fact at Prospect that Mr. Morgan, our art teacher, was instrumental in beginning the initiative to get the Hornets back to Charlotte from New Orleans. The history of how the Hornets’ got their name went back farther than that though, it goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War!

Reinforcing the importance of reading to the students was the key objective of the program. Hugo and Justin recommended that students make a habit of reading daily.

They suggested students carry a book wherever they go so they can read at any time. They also reminded teachers that they are role models for the students and therefore, play a very important role in a child’s desire to read.

At the close of the program, Air Hugo made an appearance and 28 students were selected to go on the Hornet’s reading bus to choose one book to take home with them!



Written by: Megan Hill
Posted: Dec 03, 2014 by Megan Hill

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