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Title I Fall Festival

Our "Eagle Hatching," showing our school pride.

 October 30th marked the day of the 2014 Title I Fall Festival at East Elementary School! This was a family affair with so much excitement, the number of families who came and participated was record breaking! The night started off with a friendly introduction of all our staff, followed by a brief presentation of what it means to be a Title I school. Title I schools have many privileges that help support student achievement!

Families were then “free to roam” all of the activities happening in the school building. There were 7 different fun activities for kids such as face painting, dancing, candy fishing, and other games. Our school wide book fair was also open and had many customers! Many families also took advantage of our snack sales. All proceeds went to benefit providing supplies and privileges for students. Children and adults all seemed to have a great time!

By far, the highlights of the evening was our “Eagle Hatching” and the “Pie in the Face” events. East Elementary is “vamping up” our school pride. One way we showed this at the festival was by introducing our new eagle mascot. The eagle “hatched” out of an egg and was proud to be at East! Stay tuned for the Eagle’s new name!

Students also collected coins to pick which staff member they wanted to receive a pie in their face. The top three staff members with the most coins, had a whipped cream pie smashed in their face. Those lucky recipients were Principal, Mr. Ferguson, Assistant Principal, Mrs. Polk and fifth grade teacher, Mr. Santana. These staff members really stepped up to the plate and showed how proud they were to be East Eagles!

This night was organized and planned by the Family Engagement Committee at East Elementary School. The goal of this committee is to encourage parent and family participation at school and with the education of our students.

Written by: Mrs. Jennifer Lodge
Posted: Dec 03, 2014 by Airen Hartis

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