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Dr. Hunter Hoover Visits Cavs

Dr. Hunter Hoover examines CHS senior Brendan DeLay's ear.

Dr. Hunter Hoover, an otorhinolaryngologist and head-neck surgeon, spoke to students in Heather Grant’s Health Sciences and Biomedical Technology classes on November 5, 2014. Hoover, who studied at UNC Chapel Hill, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Medical University of South Carolina, began his visit by explaining what an otorhinolaryngologist actually is. ‘Oto’ means ear, ‘rhino’ means nose, and ‘larynx’ means throat, so an otorhinolaryngologist is an ear, nose, and throat doctor. He told the students he had a thirst for knowledge and a passion for teaching!

Dr. Hoover is with Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates. He brought up to date medical equipment allowing students to view a magnified real life ear, nose, and throat. Students were able to see sinus cavities, adenoid tissue and even the larynx (the voice box) as Ms. Grant's vocal cords vibrated in front of their very eyes!

"His topic, which included the anatomy of the ear, nose and throat, and his delivery of subject content was absolutely awesome,” said Ms. Grant.

“His visit was very educational and entertaining. I would love for him to teach alongside Ms. Grant!” said sophomore Gerald McKinney.

Dr. Hoover discussed topics such as myringotomy tubes in children, hearing loss, indications for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, allergies and sinus problems. He also discussed biomedical advancements in ENT giving examples of research-based ear tubes and special advancements for patients who might have had a laryngectomy (removal of the voice box). Did you know that a clean ear with no ear wax (cerumen) is really a dirty ear and a dirty ear that contains cerumen is really a clean ear? Just ask the students in Ms. Grant’s class!

“The best part of the presentation was how interactive he was and when he used the equipment in front of the whole class on our teacher. It was cool being able to see the inside of her ear, mouth, and nose,” said senior Maranda Pagan.

“The best part was seeing Ms. Grant’s larynx!” said senior Zac Tierney.

Ms. Grant shared that Dr. Hoover was a mentor to her as she actively practiced nursing working side by side with him for nearly two decades. The students thanked Dr. Hoover by recalling at least 10 things each that they learned from him in their own creative cards.

Many thanks to Dr. Hunter Hoover for sharing his ENT expertise and his passion for teaching while visiting Cuthbertson High School!  

Written by: Heather Grant and Paula White
Posted: Dec 03, 2014 by Judy Davis

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