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5th Grade goes to TigerWorld

 Recently 5th grade went to a place called Tiger World and personally I got to say I was impressed. My whole class had a blast! First off, when we got there everybody and their grandmother wanted to get on with it so that is what we did. First, we saw a tiger that was one of 20 left in the world.Then we had a tour guide walk us around Tiger World. We saw 2 lynx that were really cool. Then we saw some wolves. They don't look like anything like in the movies or on TV. Afterwards, we saw the lemurs and orangutans. The tour guide said to not look at the orangutans in the eye or even smile or they would get angry. Also, we saw a monkey who came from a french circus and if you said “bonjour” he would smile. Some kids were thinking the monkey spoke french but he did not. He just understood the word bonjour. Later on in the day, we saw some tigers that got declawed and it was sad because they walked with a limp. We also got to see some more stuff like the tiger that was trying to climb out of the habitat he was in, but fortunately he did not and gave up and took a nap. When our tour was coming to a close, we saw some wild dogs that were shy. Another quick stop was we saw an owl that just sat there staring at you.
Probably the most fascinating thing we saw was a liger. It was the strangest thing ever. It’s a tiger mixed with a lion. This one was especially HUGE because it has a condition called gigantism. Sadly they don’t survive long because their body keeps on growing but its organs don’t. I do not know how it kills them, but it just does but they live up to ten years.
Overall, the field trip was a great success! I think fifth grade should go every year. Well that is what I thought of Tiger World. Personally, I gave it a 9/10.

Written by: Aidan Mashburn in Mrs.Keilen’s class
Posted: Dec 04, 2014 by Jessica Cosma

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