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Visiting the Zoo!

 On November 13 the 4th grade visited the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, North Carolina. The kids walked around all day looking and learning about animals that are native to both North America and Africa. When the kids got back to school, they wrote about the animals they saw and related what they knew about the animals to its country of origin.

One student said the lion is the “leader of the jungle and a predator to almost all the animals in Africa.” She related the lion’s habitat to what she learned about Africa and said, “Their habitat over at the zoo was a great big mound with a lot of trees, but if all the animals lived together at the zoo then the lion would attack almost all of them.” She also stated, “That is what is happening in Africa because all the animals live on the same grassland.”

Another student also linked her experience at the zoo to what she knew about Africa. She says, “[The giraffe] habitat at the zoo is related to what it would be like in Africa, with grass, leaves, and trees.” She also mentions giraffes living with predators on the grasslands in Africa but not at the zoo.

Overall the 4th graders learned a lot about the animals they visited and it was a great opportunity for them to make a connection between what they saw to what they already knew about both North America and Africa.

Written by: Jessica Martinelli, grade 4 teacher
Posted: Dec 05, 2014 by Rachel Clarke

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