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Cavs Celebrate Confucius Classroom Day

Front left going clockwise; Sophomores Miller DiCarlo, Madison Clark, Brittany Olson, and Analise Ritter play Weiqi to celebrate Confucius Classroom Day.

The CHS Chinese classes along with their teacher Shannon Du celebrated Confucius Classroom Day on November 7, 2014. Confucius Classroom Day celebrates the 10th anniversary of the 孔子学院 Confucius Institute, a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to support Chinese teaching/learning internationally and to promote Chinese culture. The 10 year anniversary was recognized for Confucius Institutes worldwide.

To celebrate, students played traditional Chinese games like Chinese Shuttlecock 踢毽子 and Weiqi 围棋. Weiqi is a popular board game that has been played in China for over 3,000 years. . According to Ms. Du, the point of Weiqi (Go) is to control as much territory on the board as possible. (The character 围 in the game's name means to "encircle.") Weiqi is an intellectual game like chess. The rules are fairly simple, but the strategy is complex and computers have still not been very successful against human opponents (as opposed to chess). Winners of prestigious Go tournaments can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in Asia. Chinese Shuttlecock 踢毽子 (kicking the shuttlecock) is very similar to hacky sack, but the Chinese version has feathers.

“Our Weiqi game was intense. It became close to a tie at the very end,” said junior Josh Alegria.

“It was exciting to see students participating in a game with several thousand years of history that is still enjoyed by millions of people in Asia today. I hope that some of the students will continue to play Weiqi and even try out other traditional games like 象棋 (Chinese chess, literally 'elephant chess.') Maybe we could start an International Strategy Games club at CHS or host a larger scale tournament in future years,” said Ms. Du.

The class also enjoyed Chinese treats like White Rabbit candy and Hi-Chew. They also tried pineapple cakes, haw flakes, and Asian gelatin.

“The food was very good,” said sophomore Alex Samsel.

“We had a lot of fun!” said sophomore Theodore Turner. 

Written by: Shannon Du and Paula White
Posted: Dec 08, 2014 by Paula White

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