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East Union Invaded!

Mrs.Funderburk and her former student, Mikey Aytes

East Union was invaded by veterans Nov. 10. Veterans from every branch of the military graced the halls of East Union starting with a flag raising ceremony and then visiting individual classrooms. Each homeroom hosted a veteran to hear about the veteran's experience in the military, and then the students were allowed to ask questions. The candid talk of the veterans allowed the students a glimpse into the life of the veteran. Many of the veterans also expressed the importance of education and the pride of being allowed to defend our nation.

After the visit C2J asked the homerooms to donate to the Wounded Warrior Family Project. This project helps the families of veterans who return home with medical injuries. $550 were raised to fund this project! 

Written by: Bo Jennings, 7th grade teacher
Posted: Dec 08, 2014 by Susie Jones

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