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We’ve Got Problems! Our Characters Have the Solutions!

Writing is hard work, but third graders are up to the challenge!

Third grade writers at Antioch Elementary are authors of Realistic Fiction. They have recently published their stories and are very proud of their work.

Writers began by looking at events in their own lives for potential story ideas.

Together classes brainstormed how these events could go differently. Students used a graphic organizer in the form of a story mountain which pushed them to think about where the story begins, what events take place, and how it ends.

Students learned how important it is to “show” what is happening in their story. “You need details to help your reader envision what you see in your head and you need to show what the character is feeling and thinking,” said third grader Barbie S. Students learned that the best way to develop a realistic story is to put yourself in the character’s shoes and think… How would the character act? What would they say? What would they think? At times the best way for students to get some true real life details was to actually act out the scene. Students could then see how a character would move, what their expression was like, and what their character sounded like. Writers used these details to “show not tell” which helps to keep your reader engaged.

Third grader Jia D. used a story that her dad had shared with her about a time he accepted a ride with a stranger. Jia took this event and turned it into a realistic fiction story about a boy whose mom forgets to pick him up and he make a dangerous decision to go with a stranger. In her story, the boy struggles with his decision and the consequences of making this poor choice. In the end the boy gets home safely and a lesson is learned about stranger danger and safety.

Jia’s classmate Connor Z. wrote his story about a boy who has his lunch stolen by a bully, but the boy finds a way to get it back. Connor thought the most challenging part for him was trying to figure out where to go with his story and thinking about what the reader would like. His advice for other writers, “Do not put in too much dialog, it gets confusing!”

Third graders have learned many new techniques to put into their writing tool box for future stories. We are very proud of our Realistic Fiction Writers. Our halls are filled with some fantastic stories. Stop by and check it out!

**Special thanks to third grader, Shaan P. for helping his teacher come up with a title for this article. In our class, writing is much more fun when it is a team sport!

Written by: Tammy Campany, Third Grade Teacher
Posted: Dec 08, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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