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Chinese classes welcome guest, learn Calligraphy from well-known artist

On November 24, the Chinese I and II classes welcomed Mr. Zhang Zhanli, an instructor at Pfeiffer University, to teach them the different styles of Chinese Calligraphy. The four major styles that they mastered include: standard, cursive, seal, and clerical. Each student was given some ink, a calligraphy brush, and a sheet of paper, which made the lesson fully interactive.

The class began with a powerpoint presentation over the origins of characters. Next, each student had the opportunity of writing the character of the horse in the 4 major different styles. The stroke order of writing Chinese characters has several rules including: top to bottom, left to right, horizontal before vertical, inside before bottom enclosing, center verticals before outside "wings,” cutting strokes last, left vertical before enclosing, top or upper-left dots first, and lastly, inside or upper-right dots. Some lucky students even received a copy of the character made by the instructor with his signature, which is similar to an autograph.

“I thought that it was interesting how they have different fonts,” student Lisa Walter said.

“I thought it was fun. I learned hold to hold the brush and how to use it. I also learned the history about the calligraphy. I also got to keep one of his artworks.” Nicholas Sliv stated. The class really appreciated the instructor’s presence and enjoyed writing calligraphy.

“It was very difficult holding the brush and writing, but you get used to it after writing the same character twice. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I will continue to write with these styles,” Dequarius Walker commented.

Despite the short class of 90 minutes, the students thoroughly enjoyed learning various styles of Chinese writing and the history of the characters.

Exciting news:  Marvin Ridge High School will host a Chinese Festival in February in connection with our Community Read Day activities and the visit of exchange students from our sister school.  Mark your calendars now for February 16, 2015.


Written by: Deema Elqadi and Dequarius Walker, Students
Posted: Dec 08, 2014 by Lisa Justice

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