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Poetry Out Loud School-Wide Competition

Pictured: Noah Minsk, Zealy Helms and Hannah Register.

Sixteen students who excelled in their classroom competitions met on the auditorium stage on Monday, Nov. 24 to compete for the chance to represent CATA at the Union County competition. After two rounds of beautiful and sometimes intense recitations, three students were selected by the judges to represent CATA.

The first place winner is Zealy Helms, a Sophomore from Ms. Foreman's class; the second place winner is Noah Minsk, a Sophomore who has English second semester this year; and the third place winner is Hannah Register, a Junior from Dr. Tarlton's class.

CATA's judges for the event were Deb Christensen, Jeff Weis and Cheryl Nelson, Union County's curriculum coordinator for English. Dr. Tarlton served as the accuracy judge and Ms. Hibberd tallied the scores for the judges. The Union County schools' competition will be on Thursday, January 22 at 4pm at CATA, and all are invited to attend for the county-wide contest. 



Group of POL contestants

Written by: Sarah Henry, English Teacher
Posted: Dec 08, 2014 by Deb Christensen

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