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Price Experiences Ireland

Art teacher Tracy Price recently traveled to Dublin, Ireland for a weekend experience in the Irish culture. The trip was part of a teacher appreciation event sponsored by the tour company, Education First, which provides educational tours of international destinations for teachers and students.

The mission of Education First is to open the world through education and through their Global Classroom tours. They allow teachers to incorporate international travel into their lesson plans by allowing students to experience the very best historic, cultural, and natural sites from around the world. Price’s weekend trip was a complimentary travel experience for a group of teachers and their guests who had travelled with their students to international destinations provided by Education First. The trip was made extra special for Price as she was accompanied by her mom, who traveled to Dublin with Price to celebrate her 71st birthday. According to Price, “I loved the country. We enjoyed fabulous food and the weather was perfect. The people were so friendly and accommodating. It is definitely a place I would consider going back to!”

It was a busy three days that began with a tour of Dublin, Ireland’s capital city. They took a walking tour of Dublin that included a stroll through Dublin’s “Fair City”. During the walking tour, they observed the 18th century Georgian architecture that is common in Dublin and strolled the brick-lined Grafton Street, which is the premier shopping street.

The second day of touring provided Price an opportunity to see several sites related to inspiring writers such as Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, and W. B. Yeats. Also included was a tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is 800 years old and built in honor of the patron saint of Ireland who brought Christianity to the country in the 5th century. The top tourist attraction in Dublin is the Guinness Storehouse, where they learned of the rich history and heritage of Ireland’s beloved export.

On the final day, Price took an excursion to the Irish Countryside, where she drove through Donnybrook, the American Embassy, and the picturesque coastline. Here, they saw traditional Irish folk dancing and ate at Irish restaurants. The food in Dublin was delicious but somewhat different from American cuisine. According to Price, “Breakfast included eggs, sausages, croissants, cheese, etc. They offered “blood” pudding which looked like sausage but is actually congealed blood! Dinner consisted of a beef stew dish and potatoes were offered at every meal, which were delicious. “

The Dublin travel opportunity was an unforgettable experience for Price and her mother as they learned much about the Irish culture. She hopes to provide a similar international travel experience in the future for students at Piedmont as Education First offers over 400 itinerary choice to places in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Written by: Donna Helms, Web Editor
Posted: Dec 12, 2014 by Donna Helms

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