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Waxhaw fifth graders attend Future Bulldog Day at Wingate University

Waxhaw Elementary fifth graders gather for a picture during Future Bulldog Day at Wingate University.

Waxhaw Elementary schools fifth grade went on a field trip to Wingate University.  We left our school at 8:30 and returned at about 1:30.  

When we went on the field trip, we learned a lot of things.  Here are some of the things we learned.  We learned when the school was made and the names of the players on the women’s basketball team.  They told us how important it is to study hard now and make good grades.  We also learned about the rooms that they stay in. One college senior told us that once you go to college you don’t live with your mom and dad anymore you live with a roommate.  When you’re in college you live in these huge apartments.  Too bad you have to share a bathroom with six other people.  Ohh that would not be pleasant with boys.  We saw a room where you could do anything you wanted to, like play on a computer, do homework, talk with a friend, or just chill out and read a book.  In your room you could also do whatever you wanted to or sleep!  In the library guess how many books are in there?  104,000!  How can you fit that many books in a library.  They probably had to pay a lot of money to have that library built and to get all of those books delivered to them. 

And last but not least I saved the best for last.  The college women’s basketball game.  But before the game started we got to eat a slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza and have a bottle of water while we watched the game.  We even saw a former student that went there named James.  They even called up some of our students to help them.  We learned a couple of cheers to support Wingate University’s team.  When it was time for us to leave I looked at the score one more time and we (as in Wingate) were beating the other team which was Shaw University. When I looked at the score one last time it was Bulldogs-36 and Shaw-27.

It was a fun day!

Written by: JJ Adams, Fifth Grade Student, Ms. Sullivan's Class
Posted: Dec 13, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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