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2nd Grade is BATTY about Bats

2nd grade is very excited to share our project based learning unit about bats with you!

Did you know that bats are essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem?. Yet they are also the most misunderstood animals, often feared. Over the last 5 weeks, all 2nd grade classes have been researching, creating, and learning all about bats. We’ve learned that a world without bats would be a very different place. Bats play a huge role in our ecosystem and economy. Fruit eating bats disperse seeds and pollinate plants. Bats consume about 1,000 mosquitoes each hour. Less itching for you!

We learned that the bat population is constantly declining around the world. After learning about these amazing flying mammals, we decided to find a way to help! Providing bats with a bat house is one way we can help out. Another way, would be to adopt a bat through www.batcon.org. We have decided to collect money to adopt some bats. This money will go towards the research and habitat protection of the bat of our choice. We are asking for donations of any amount to be brought to the 2nd grade classrooms to help us raise money for these amazing animals.

To purchase your own bat house, adopt a bat of your own, or learn more information about bats, visit www.batcon.org!

Thank you for your anticipated support!

Written by: Mrs. Clemens, 2nd Grade
Posted: Dec 15, 2014 by Jeffery Aten

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