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Speech and Debate Successes

Debate team members: Kamaria Browne, Paula Das, Nidia Angeles, Angela Florez, A.J. Blomberg, Zac Curtis, Deyton Cook

On Saturday, November 22, four students and Mrs. Summerville participated in the Asheville Speech and Debate Tournament. Mrs. Summerville, who helps with the team during our weekly meetings, also was a public forum judge at the debate. Zac Curtis (our fear-less and dedicated student leader) and Paula Das participated in Varsity Public Forum and Kamaria Browne and A.J. Blomberg participated in their second ever Junior Varsity Public Forum. The topic was “On balance the benefits of genetically modified food out-weigh the harms.”

The Debate team wants to thank Mrs. Suresh and Ms. Tesar for taking their time after school to provide background information for this debate. Our varsity team participated with 21 other teams and came in 14th—a very respectable finish. We are up against a lot of teams who have speech and debate classes, many members, and who compete frequently.

The comments of the judges suggest that they are progressing towards becoming contenders for awards and showed they have improved in every way---both preparation of evidence and speech delivery. Our Junior Varsity team participated with 42 other teams and came in 21st place, losing one debate to the team who came in 3rd place. Most of the teams they debated against have participated in 4 or more de-bates this year.

We would love to have more students involved, not just in debate, but also in speech. Our next meetings are Thursday Dec 4, Thursday Dec 11 and Wednesday Dec 17. We will be preparing for our tournament in January.

Speech and Debate Team is an excellent way to sharpen your debate and communication skills. Material mastered in speech and debate has long term benefits for our students. Consider joining today!!! Many thanks to Ms. Deb Cochran, our Debate Team Advisor for all of her hard work!!

Debate students posing

Written by: Deb Christensen
Posted: Dec 15, 2014 by Deb Christensen

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