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Nickels for Nicaragua

 Mrs. Kay Hawkins, a local physician, visited New Salem during November to share information about the country of Nicaragua. This study was part of a school global strategy to learn about all the continents throughout the year. Students learned that Nicaragua is a country in Central America (part 0f North American continent) that borders both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and is near the equator with active volcanoes and earthquakes.
Mrs. Hawkins has a home in Nicaragua where she spends about six months each year helping to improve the health conditions of the people.
Among other interesting facts, students learned that many children their age do not go to school because they have to work. The schools near Mrs. Hawkins home lack many basic items that we take for granted. They need lots of supplies and books. New Salem challenged all our students to help out by sponsoring a coin drive called “Nickels for Nicaragua”. The drive lasted two weeks and the school collected almost $600.00. The money will be used to purchase school supplies and books and then Mrs. Hawkins will share pictures of the children with their new materials.
Thanks to all who supported the “Nickels for Nicaragua” coin drive.

Written by: Carolyn Sherman, Media Specialist
Posted: Dec 19, 2014 by Gina James

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